Mumbai and Delhi have the highest number of COVID-19 cases nationwide. Watch this space for insights about the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the country’s financial capital and the national capital territory.

5.45 p.m., April 29

COVID-19 cases in Delhi and Mumbai, two of the most populated cities in India, show a different picture of the growth of the disease and underscore the variations across India. On March 20, Delhi had 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 while Mumbai had 21. By April 28, cases in Mumbai had grown 284 times to 5,982. Cases grew slower in Delhi, increasing 165 times to 3,314.

5.30 p.m., April 29

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation said that Mumbai’s COVID-19 cases were increasing slower and would now double every 10 days. This is an improvement from 4 doubling days on March 24 and 6.3 on April 14. But behind the decrease could be the fact that it is simply testing fewer people--on April 12, Maharashtra changed its testing strategy to stop testing asymptomatic contacts of confirmed COVID-19 patients, unless they were 34-weeks pregnant, on dialysis or chemotherapy, or health workers exposed to COVID-19 patients. It has not released testing data since April 16.

10.30 a.m., April 21

5 major cities--Mumbai (3,032 cases), Delhi (2,081), Ahmedabad (1,248), Indore (897) and Pune (612)--make up nearly 45% of all cases in India

April 20, 7.30 p.m.

Delhi, which has 2,003 COVID-19 cases--the 2nd most after Maharashtra (4,203)--has reported 218 new recoveries, its highest ever. It now has 1,668 active cases.


3 p.m., April 20

Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh account for more than half of the COVID-19 cases in India. These states also have a higher rate of positive samples within total samples, our analysis of data from 23 states/UTs found.

12.15 p.m., April 20

Mumbai's civic body has identified 721 containment zones by wards as on April 18. Of these, GS (G-South) reports the most 11% or (81) zones.

12.15 p.m., April 20

1 in 16 COVID-19 samples in Mumbai is testing positive, as of April 15, higher than the rate in Maharashtra (1 in 18) and across the country (1 in 24).

12.15 p.m., April 20

154 patients who had tested positive in ‘various laboratories’ between April 14-16, not included in earlier tallies, were added to the total cases in the BMC’s April 19 release. Overall, as of April 19, Mumbai had reported 2,798 cases and 131 deaths--more than any other state.

1.40 p.m., April 18

As of April 15, Mumbai has conducted 31,000 tests--2,374 tests/million people. This is four times the 549 tests/million in all of Maharashtra. In comparison, NCT Delhi--which has highest tests per million among all Indian states & UTs--had conducted 16,605 tests by April 15 (977/million).

4.10 p.m., April 17

Delhi has tested 1,105 samples per million people--the highest among states with more than 100 COVID-19 cases in India, our analysis of testing data from 14 states has found. At 96.5, Delhi also has the most cases per million people.




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